British Renewables Energy Storage

Across the UK, areas that have high electrical demands are often supported by fossil fuel power stations. British Solar Renewables seeks to minimise the reliance on these power stations by providing a reliable and consistent green energy supply from storage-integrated renewable plants. By introducing battery technology to renewable energy plants, power can be stored from generation and exported during peak demand, bolstering the trend towards decentralised and less expensive transmission and distribution.

This is why British Solar Renewables is working with the developers of cutting-edge battery technology to establish a photovoltaic-battery storage demonstration site in the south of England, with a view of scaling and commercialising the technology. British Solar Renewables is also working closely with a major regional distribution network operator to introduce energy storage systems for support at grid level. We expect to fully implement this technology during 2015 and are keen to speak with landowners and industry leading developers who may assist in the UK rollout of this emerging technology.